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window project DOMINO THEORY

Making a choice is a serious matter.
Choosing between table games and puzzles.
Are we what we choose or vice versa?
Do we choose or are we chosen?
Or do we choose because we are chosen?
Freedom above all is the freedom of choice.
But what do we choose? That which is better for us or that which is objectively, ethically, and morally right?
That which makes us only apparently beautiful or that can make us feel kinder or better?
Choices that are good and bad or right and wrong?
Or rather, we choose how to pick the piece of a game to connect to another piece and so on.
Numbers with numbers, balls with balls, questions with questions, on purpose or by chance.
Forming an infinite snake of dominoes that like a high-speed train pushes the objects of your desire beyond the shop windows and brings them to you on the slipstream of a domino effect.