Bag is Over!

Is the Bag Over?
Yes, the bag as a stereotype, as a cliché, is definitely over. Today there is a clear line of distinction between objects of great value and junk.
We stand on the side of those who, like us, design and manufacture products that are entirely made in Italy (and in our case specifically made in Milan), the result of a great deal of research and Work, Dedication and Time. Essential values for anyone who cares about the challenges of today’s society and wishes to brave the evolutions of the market with the proper gravitas and clear-headed peace of mind.
The Bag is Over!
It has gone through an elaborate manufacturing process, spawned by the germ of an idea and continued through different phases and different hands and different moods and different thoughts. The sketches, the materials, the details, the assembly, the tests. Complex transitions that deserve to be followed every step of the way with the proper dedication by those who are intimately familiar with the ancient wisdom of an ancient art, projected into the future since the dawn of time. Transitions that follow a straightforward course, but not always. You might stop and then start all over again, weigh up the checks and balances, and then start all over again and again, until that magic moment, until that fateful point when fatigue all of a sudden turns into true satisfaction and your work is transformed into well-earned pride. When it is finally clear to everyone: this is it. So many steps ... from the first drawing on paper to the finished object, in all its splendor, substance, entirety. Yes, thank goodness, the bag is now finished, it’s over with. Its name is Chelsea.
Is the Bag Full?
The bag is never full of the things that we can’t do without and that we want, and that we always need to carry with us: those bits and pieces that practically form an identikit of the woman the bag belongs to. But “euphemistically” it has had its fill of/is over everything that we definitely would like to get rid of: fascism, communism, racism, sexism, commercialism, pietism, conformism and that politicism, Italian style, that continue to get in the way of all
the best that our great country has to offer.
The Bag is More!
The bag can sometimes be more than just an elegant detail that completes a way of being or dressing, or better than just a practical, fashionable container.
Bags are carried, worn and sometimes even collected as precious, unique objects that have the value of time and increase in value over time. The bag today is definitely more than the narrow definition of accessory.
Bag is Over! War is Over!
December 15, 1969. A giant billboard appears in all the main squares throughout the world, and spilling onto the pages of the major newspapers, translated into 12 languages and signed by John & Yoko is the message: WAR IS OVER (if you want it). A campaign for peace, when peace in Vietnam was still at least five years away. War is over, but it was not over yet, quite the opposite. And these two amazing geniuses, what did they do? They cast this healing spell to gently push public opinion in the right direction. A masterpiece of communication? A display of the power of ideas? Regardless, it was definitely something that came from the most genuine and generous spirit of ‘68 and its winds of freedom. BAG IS OVER is also this, a tribute to the restlessness of the imagination for the greater good. Dedicated to all those “crazies” like John & Yoko, Gianni Sassi, Milton Glaser or Oliviero Toscani who wrote (and some still do) great poetry on the walls of printed paper, without worrying about dates and statistics, visits or followers, or the negative opinions of unsullied trolls, but always putting themselves, their entire being, into what they did and do. BAG IS OVER, like a yellow submarine escaping from the world of blue meanies and slavery to numbers: peace, peace, peace.
There are containers that contain things and containers of “content”, in which the form itself is substance, and substance consists of values that transcend time and function.