Advertising Campaign I belong to me

"I belong to me"
"(We're) Not whores or Virgin Marys"
"We want roses too"
"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bycicle"
"Women have their faults, while men only have two: everything they say and everything they do"
"If you take a man, throw him back"
"Men, what are you doing (here), there are dishes to be done at home"
Is it too paradoxical, provocative, excessive or arbitrary to use slogans from the Women's Lib movement in the 1970s to communicate a new line of highly artisan, fully handcrafted leather goods? Not at all, we are in fact paying homage to the women of today who have decided to come back out into the streets to make themselves heard by the whole world - loudly, clearly and radiantly. They are demanding respect and dignity, claiming their identity as extraordinarily special beings, and saying "no" in no uncertain terms to bitchocracy and its offshoots.
Times (with respect to those of radical feminism) have changed, of course, and bags too, but the news and the media too often portray an image of women and femininity that we know not to be true, in other words, very far from their true, essential, intimate and mysterious nature.
Today's women want to be Woman-subject rather than Woman-object, and to matter, command, choose, rule (and not just the household) and to finally do it as a full First Lady and not a Vice-Male. Including the roses.
So long live women, long live all women in all their diversity and multiplicity, without distinction. Long live their strength and beauty, which make the world a better place and our lives more exciting.