Advertising Campaign One-Off

The "cinematography" calling of Fontana Milano 1915 – which was clearly evident with the "Le Milanesi" film and advertising campaign created with director Michel Haddi to celebrate the brand’s 100-year anniversary – has now reached a zenith with the reinterpretation by artist/photographer Massimo Vitali. All the Fontana Milano 1915 Timeless models, each one interpreted individually, with an expansive directorial take, in evocative locations that are 100% Milanese. 
A woman and her bag. Two distinct shots of the same subject, on two different planes. Subjective and total. Shot and counter shot. Being amongst people but without ever blending in.  First among equals, accompanied by a precious and unique object which is both a statement of cultural identity with the deepest “made in Italy” values and the symbol of the wonderful individualities that makes us all different from each other. Women as subject – dynamic, contemporary and with an intense fascination, never for its own sake, immediately perceptible. Unmistakable women with unmistakable objects from an unmistakable brand, even when photographed from above it is as if they are looking at us from top to bottom. Even amongst other women it is impossible to forget them.