Our families

Spirit, Matter and Charm of Making.
Spirit of a company created over a century ago and immediately projected into modernity, and which today just like yesterday and tomorrow just like today, will design and produce luxury items that are destined to last. 
Matter, in other words what FONTANA MILANO 1915 makes: elegant unique items, entirely handmade and completely made in Italy, expression of a sophisticated and original style, bearing witness to the daily commitment and dedication to achieving levels of quality that, day after day, transcend the rules of time and the times of fashion.
Charm of Making Beauty, Elegance, Glamour. Of always making it better, mindful of the manual wisdom that comes from afar and the creativity that is always one step ahead. Traditional and fundamental quality in every step of the workmanship, starting from the design through to the final touches, plus a maddening attention to detail with a pinch (and even more than one) of the real magic of craftsmanship. And then the value of our values: Authenticity. The authenticity of precise, perfect work, which must always be state-of-the-art. The authenticity of unique, one-in-a-million products and the authenticity of a family and industrial firm that is equally unique and one-in-a-million. These are the secrets of the signature models of FONTANA MILANO 1915, which come into being and grow along a complex genealogical structure to arrive today in countless versions and an infinite variety of materials, colours, sizes and personalised details. This, in short, is what makes our timeless models TIMELESS.
Fundamental design, which favours rounded shapes and curved lines and enhances the excellence of the visual and tactile features of the materials. Pleasing to the eye and sensual to the touch. Decorative details that are always in harmony with the whole, and with their own intrinsic, precise functionality.
Every metal component is designed and created ad hoc by FONTANA MILANO 1915, without sharp edges so that they too are a pleasure to touch. 
FONTANA MILANO 1915 considers the interior to be just as important as the exterior. The details and materials used for the interior are also handled with the same care as the exterior. Each bag also has a characteristic applied “pocket”, featuring a Florentine design from the historical archive of FONTANA MILANO 1915.
Each model can also be made in different materials, even in different sizes (from the Maxi to the Mini) so they can be used for various functions, such as for daytime or evening wear, travel or special occasions.