Advertising Campaign Watercolour

The Milanese women get up early but go to bed late
They look without being seen
When no one sees them, they smile
On holidays they read the horoscopes of their ex’s 
At 5 o’clock they forget they are from Milan
They leave without going away
They carefully survey the streets of the city
They travel incognito, only by tram
They believe in fairy tales with happy endings, but not in prince charming
He can’t win them over with a bunch of flowers, but it helps
They lose their heads but never their poise
They want the moon so they can play at night
They dream of a watercolour sky with open eyes
They leave the house, taking it with them
When they get into a bit of drama they whistle only Oscar themes in their mind
They message witty thoughts between one little game and another
They are enchanted by their own disenchantment
They go on holiday when they return to the city
They turn the heads of the men of Milan...and all the others