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There is supernatural magic, illusionist magic and poetic magic.
The Charm of Making is the poetic magic of craftsmanship, the kind that when you see a well-made object it leaves you with your mouth open, astounded at how long the research, dedication, mastery and thoroughness have gone into making the object. It took something more than mere know-how, something more than the sum of its parts.
Intangible dreams that become a reality are magical.
Hands that know how to make them tangible are magical.
Indeed: hands. Without hands there would be no real craftmanship or authentic "Manifattura". Hands that know what they are doing and know how to do it well are an important resource for the individual and a source of enormous wealth for our country.
Hands, as in actual people who think, feel, experience and who contribute their labour and skills with their time to make a simple slogan magical: made by hand in Italy.   
And then there are other hands, those that recognise the uniqueness of a worth object and choose it precisely because of that.
Hands as a starting point and as an end point.
Sensitive, attentive, intelligent hands. Hands, like all hands: black, white, red, yellow and rainbow.
Hands that encapsulate a seal, which in turn encapsulates a whole world. A magical world, and yet real, told in images. Indescribable in words.