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Mina Verticale Media_1_Stone.jpg
Mina Verticale Media_Frontale_Stone.jpg
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Mina Verticale Grande_1_Carbon_Aral.jpg
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Mina Verticale Piccola_1_Caramel_Aral.jpg
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Mina Verticale Toy_1_Aral_Stone.jpg
Mina Verticale Toy_Frontale_Aral_Stone.jpg
Mina Verticale Toy_2_Aral_Stone.jpg
Mina Verticale Toy_3_Aral_Stone.jpg
Mina Verticale Toy_4_Aral_Stone.jpg


A vertical interpretation of the Mina bag, with shoulder strap, available in four sizes. A totally new model that comes from the reinterpretation of the Timeless A in a soft key. The details that evoke the FM1915 codes are: the two closures with straps, the wave pattern of the stitching and of the interior and exterior pockets, and the four feet that protect the bottom of the bag. There are new features too, such as the leather-covered handle attachments and shoulder strap, and a strap with carabiner inside the bag so that it can be closed and worn without having to use the exterior straps. The lining is in nappa leather, whilst the shoulder strap is in fabric. Since its construction is turned inside out with piping, this model can only be made with soft leathers such as togo or shaking box.