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A Brand New World

The world changes, as do we. 
Like new worlds in a new world, we all look out of the windows of life to see which things are really important and which are not.
Whether we still have room in our day for Ethics, Quality, Values and for greater respect and complete tolerance of differences.
Sometimes, knowing how to seize the opportunity to live a more intensely vibrant life simply means crossing that real or imaginary barrier which prevents us from seeing the good things that the changes, even momentous ones, have to offer.
Sometimes, knowing how to seize the opportunity to live a truer life means stopping the overwhelming flow of images, words and information for a moment so that we can for once entrust ourselves to the ancient wisdom of gestures and emotions.
It really doesn’t take much:
a smile,
a hug,
a pat on the back,
a tear,
or a kiss
to immediately deliver us back to heaven from hell
and even the future suddenly appears to be brighter.
A Brand New World, outside and within us, will be the best of all possible worlds if we learn to love it like we are capable of loving.