Where is the party?

Every year, the workshop in Via Trebbia hosts theme parties. 
The one that was the most memorable for us was Outsiders and Bikers, an event featuring handmade bags and customised motorbikes, fine leathers and roaring engines, exquisite craftsmanship and superlative mechanics. The event was a collaboration between Fontana Milano 1915 and Numero Uno Milano, the Harley Davidson dealership that is the essential point of reference for all enthusiasts of the mythical American brand.
The inspiration behind Fontana Milano 1915’s traditional 2016 Christmas event was the mountain in winter, with its white peaks and crests. The theme of the staging by Silvia Massa Studio transports us back into the world of glamour, among the slopes of the most fashionable ski resorts of the last century.
The prestigious global design Magazine Wallpaper* was our special partner for the evening, with a bespoke plexiglass box installation set up in the middle of the atelier.
To mark Wallpaper’s 20th anniversary, creative director Sarah Douglas worked closely with the design department of Fontana Milano 1915 to conceive a bespoke ‘A’ bag, whose honey-hued leather lower half has been handpainted in the magazine’s signature colours – Wallpaper* blues.
During the evening, guests had the possibility to admire the elegant, clean-lined makeover of our most iconic bag in a shade of blue that evokes the colour palette of ice.