window project Birdsong

Mystical, magical, divine language considered the word of angels in sufism.
Chirp, Song, Language?
Perfect, secret code, key of alchemy, mystery of ancient Cabals.
Birds inform and warn the hero, listen to the sermons of Francis of Assisi, bring news, speak Music.
Birds hoot, warble, squeak, chirrup, whistle, twitter, shriek, trill, tweet, migrate.
They announce the changing of the season and the changing of time, they colour the sky.
Messengers from God to Men and from Men to God, custodians of prophetic knowledge, visitors from the hereafter and the beyond.
Birds spread their wings to distant shores, they fly away and then return and then they fly away again and then return again.
There remains the song, of intangible beauty: in your ears, in your memory, in your heart.