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The Spirit, which drives the search for aesthetic functional solutions that are always fresh and innovative, giving rise to exclusive, complex production processes. The finest Material, obtained from the finest part of the finest leather. The Charm of Making, special, elegant items with a timeless soul that last over time. The Authenticity of a craftsmanship that has evolved in the service of Beauty and Truth. The keywords that describe the Timeless models of Fontana Milano 1915 also clearly define the most precious and exclusive version of the entire collection, namely the Crocodile edition. Crocodile with a capital C, which has what it takes to interpret all the Timeless models at unmatched levels, and makes every creation even more unique and special thanks to the meticulous care taken by Fontana Milano 1915 at every stage of the workmanship for every single model, and most importantly, thanks to a still pioneering leatherworking process that was devised by Fontana Milano 1915 and developed in conjunction with a well-known specialised tannery.
As a result of a slow, thorough polishing process known as agatatura, named after the stone used (agate), which is repeated numerous times, the leather takes on an extraordinary sheen that highlights its three-dimensional qualities and, depending upon the light, reflects shades of colour that enhance and make the Crocodile Black by Fontana Milano 1915 like no other. Totally black models, but with dramatic tinges: Forest Green, Damask Bordeaux and Blue Night Blueberry. Not to mention the metal hardware that contains amounts of real gold and the interiors made of very high quality soft leather in shades that emphasise the nuances of the black. Timeless models for a time of quality. One-of-a-kind, Glamour, Quality, to raise the enchantment of every important moment and leave unforgettable memories of all the special occasions that deserve to be experienced to the utmost.