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Everytime with me Everywhere mine

The new Fontana Milano 1915 Campaign, which came out in a number of select publications in December,  was created in collaboration with Magnum Photos
The partnership between Fontana Milano 1915 and the Magnum agency stems from an idea of the brand’s owners, Michele and Paolo Massa, to collaborate similarly to previous campaigns with photography “artists” from different fields to portray the Fontana Milano 1915 bags by putting their own distinctive yet very personal stamp on the assignment.
A fusion of styles melding art, reportage and masterly craftsmanship that enhances the uniqueness and the “charm of making” of the Fontana Milano 1915 creations, and excites with the evocative power of ideas, images and words.
Founded in New York in 1947 by Robert Capa, Henry Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour and George Rodger, Magnum Photos is considered one of the most important photo agencies in the world.
Driven by the vision of the four founders, over time Magnum also established itself as an incubator for talent. 
An enduring meeting place for and amongst artists that serves as the natural propellant for legendary art photography, which is always able to reinvent itself.
Ten photographers of different nationalities and with different experience are involved in this project: Olivia Arthur, Chien-Chi Chang, Bruce Gilden, Alex Majoli, Lorenzo Meloni, Paolo Pellegrin, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Mark Power, Moises Saman, Patrick Zachmann.
Thus, an international campaign came into being, set in 10 cities around the world: Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Dubai, New York, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo and Moscow, where each artist has portrayed both the locations and the Fontana Milano 1915 models in similar urban contexts, interpreting them in his/her own way. 
A campaign for women conceived like a sort of “travel notes”, depicting unique, diverse cities, where off-camera thoughts run freely beyond the tourist stereotypes, and the thumbnail texts accompanying the images reveal the mood or little details of the moment rather than merely describing itineraries and places.
Cities unveiled for women. A modern, dynamic woman, who travels for work or pleasure, even alone. 
Or rather, she is never alone even when she is alone because she is always accompanied by a unique and precious object such as a Fontana Milano 1915 bag, which is much more than a simple container for effects and attachments.
The bags portrayed are the symbolic models of Fontana Milano 1915: A, Wight, Mimosa, Tum Tum and Busy Day.
In other words, these are the original models that have spawned many families of unique models. A limited edition that evolves into an unlimited collection of versions, which are born only when the time is right and never when the calendar says so.