Advertising Campaign Not an Accessory

Am I an object that finally opens its mouth to say what I think, or a woman who says no to the testosterone overdrive of her partner?  I am an original creation from Fontana Milano 1915, totally made in Italy, totally handmade, unmistakeably unique.  Wouldn’t you agree with me that calling me an “accessory” is at a minimum less than generous?  There are some who feel entirely comfortable, gratified even, with such a term, albeit reductive. Not me. My problem is that my character and raison d’être distinguish me from any other bag. Originality and uniqueness are carved into my DNA. I don’t coordinate, it’s the others who want to coordinate with me. I don’t coordinate, I stand out. I was born the queen of queens, you can love me or hate me, but this is how I am, this is me. It took a lot of time, love, dedication, work and a pinch of star dust to finally become what I am now, so don’t pretend that you don’t know.
YOU are the one who will be the accessory!