He is intelligent and curious.
Creative and constructive.
Assertive but equitable.
Competitive but a proponent of fair play.
Conservative and progressive.
He is a gentleman like a medieval knight projected into the future.
He is attached to his nearest and dearest even in the broadest sense of the term.
He is a hard worker and eternal Peter Pan.
He is strong, but not afraid to show his fragile side.
He has personality, energy and sex-appeal.
He has great passions, contagious enthusiasm and is surprisingly resilient.
He can take himself seriously as well as laugh at himself.
He knows how to be diplomatic or decisive.
He is logical when needs be, but with a touch of the irrational.
He loves Art, Music, Sport, Cars and Adventure, including of the mind.
But most of all he loves to love.
For just one night or forever. 
The Fontana Milano 1915 man is many men rolled into one, because in today’s changeable world as never before, life, work, technology, information and transport offer the possibility of being here and elsewhere at the same time. Scheduling three meetings in three different cities in north and south Europe in a single day is no longer something out of science fiction for many men, and is a weekly routine for others. The Fontana Milano 1915 man is a man who stands out but only and always for what he really is. You don’t notice him for how he looks, you see him for his intrinsic qualities, which are sometimes expressed through the special objects he chooses to have with him. The Fontana Milano 1915 man is a man who always has deep-seated convictions but at the same time he can listen to and respect thoughts and beliefs that differ from his, such as supporting and sometimes guiding the changes in the perpetually mobile world to which he belongs.