cover Boxeador

Marco Massa musical craftsman

To live and to share, to recount, to engage, to explore and to get excited, this has been and will always be his goal as an artist.
A voyage, a journey begun as a child, an intense and undying love for music; his life as a musician and singer-songwriter written in Milanese venues, recording studios and theatres around the world.
His life has produced a wealth of significant professional experiences, five albums to his credit, important meetings and partnerships, prestigious awards and an intense calendar of live shows. And then there's the present, today....
Marco Massa defines himself as a musical craftsman, sometimes a bit shadowy, always looking for some new style to express himself, to describe his personal and musical journey.
In his latest project, his continuous search for new cultural and musical stimuli has found sounds that come from afar to complement the spirituality and the intimate aspect of his lyrics, where we find the praise of the word, of its energy, a respect for time and silence.
Inspired by artists like Jan Bang, Brian Eno and Jon Hassel, he sought to fuse alternative music with singer-songwriting, a mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds in an elegant and sophisticated equilibrium, an articulated interweaving of sounds and words.
The new sounds follow the evolution of international taste and style typical of Nordic countries.
"Boxeador" is the debut single of this new project with an international flavour.