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window project CHELSEA IS MY NAME

The ‘60s started in 1960 and ended in ‘69, but not the ‘70s.
They started at the end of that same year and probably have not yet ended.
The ‘70s, a decade that is definitely Over, which has crossed the boundaries of time to arrive here, with the same needs and the same desire for change.
Like Chelsea, a bag that is definitely Over in every form (even the smallest).
An object that demands everything and especially the impossible. 
An object born today, as though it hasexisted forever. 
Child of Love, Labor and Time. 
Of a fertile idealism and a creativity that you never find resting on its laurels but only ever where the things 
that really count happen and which hardly ever coincide with those that everyone is talking about. Its name is Chelsea. 
Please, don’t insist on calling it... a bag.