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Can a work of art or invention ever be completely and definitively concluded?
The work is finished, the piece is complete, the object is made and then what? Then it actually starts to live through the eyes, thoughts, gestures, moods and actions of the people who appreciate it, who take on new horizons, acquire new depths and travel through time. Such as listening to Beethoven at the time of Beethoven or listening to him now after the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Stockhausen and Lady Gaga, or Dante recited by Dante or played by Benigni. It is not the same thing, the mental pictures that play in our head are superimposed by other images, sounds and experiences. We will never know if it was better before when Ludwig Van finished his score or better now with its multitude of references. One thing is certain, for better or for worse, Time and History have made them infinitely richer and more than the final word, they have immortalized them. And Jim Morrison’s hologram sings and casts a spell: When the music’s over, turn out the lights, turn out the lights, oh yeah. The music is never over, and neither is the bag…