The Thousand Lights of Milan

Fontana Milano 1915’s 2019 Christmas Party was dedicated to Lombardy’s capital city as a bridge between the past and the future, inspired by the innovations of yesterday that today belong to the history and traditions of tomorrow, and which always originate from the new ideas of the present. In a magical atmosphere, a full-blown audiovisual tribute to Milan that included light installations and immersive projections was magnified by the play of mirrors and enhanced by the music of Paolo Jannacci, who sang and played on the piano (accompanied by a virtuoso on the trumpet) a few of his father Enzo’s iconic pieces. The spirit of Milan also wafted over the evening’s menu, which featured a modern take on the typical feast day dishes of Milan.
Many well-known personalities and faces were present, including Francesca Cavallin, Paola Turani, Carlotta Rubaltelli, Giulia Valentina, Giorgia Gabriele, and Ludovica Frasca. A panoply of insiders and stars from Milan’s world of fashion who attended the event in the firm’s workshop/laboratory.