Limited Edition Swing Party

Marzipan and candy, snowy roofs covered with icing and clouds of spun sugar, an intoxicating atmosphere in the Fontana Milano 1915 Workshop.
Twelve talented dancers dressed specifically for the occasion mix with the guests and let loose in a setting that is sweet and warm as only a glowing winter dedicated to a rhythm that is at once frenzied and sophisticated can be, on the evening of 29 November 2017. A journey into the timeless elegance of an eternal present that is always lively and cracking for lovers of the Lindy Hop Swing, Balboa and all the others too. Dances that transmit a joy of carefree living and more, with a surprise: the special appearance of Norma Miller, Queen of Swing, who came to Milan to celebrate her 98th birthday together with Fontana Milano 1915, whose Workshop was virtually transformed into Ballroom in Harlem, in late-30’s New York for one night.
We are very pleased to acknowledge Francesca Cavallini, Mia Ceran, Helen Nonini, Victoria Cabello, Daria Bignardi and Caterina Balivo who were among the many guests and friends who had fun together with us.