Window Project A Brand New World

The world changes, as do we. Like new worlds in a new world, we look out of the windows of life to see which things are really important and which are not. What we should pursue and, likewise, what we should consign to oblivion once and for all. Today more than ever, we ask ourselves whether we still have room in this Brand New World for Tolerance, Solidarity, Wisdom and Respect and Understanding for differences, as if these are the only real resources that can salvage Humanity.  
Infinite variety is part of the very nature of the world, and if we accepted it as a gift it might help us understand ourselves better.  
Knowing how to seize the opportunity to live a more vibrant life can even be as simple as crossing that real or imaginary barrier which prevents us from seeing the good things that changes, even momentous ones, have to offer. 
Knowing how to seize the opportunity to live a truer life as something that starts off incredibly small and transforms into a universal feeling, because we all basically want the same things. Such as when we stop the relentless tsunami of images, words and information for a moment to surrender ourselves to silent gestures, to timeless emotions, to the truth. To the warmth of hands, lips and eyes. To the warmth of gratitude, affection and love. For Humanity, for Life, for Peace. It doesn’t take much: a smile, a hug, a gesture of comfort, a tear or a kiss to make us feel at home again and even the future suddenly starts to seem brighter again. A Brand New World, outside and within us, which regains its innocence, purity and foresight, will be the best of all possible worlds only when we are able to love it like we are capable of loving.