The purpose of this policy is to describe the methods by which the www.fontanamilano1915.comwebsite (“Site”) manages the processing of the personal data of users who access the site, in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) and any other applicable legislation.
Data processing Owner and Controller
The data processing Owner is FONTANA PELLETTERIE SPA (“Fontana Pelletterie”), with registered offices in via Trebbia, 26 - 20135 Milan (MI). The company’s data Controller is Mr. Gianantonio Caldana, whose corporate domicile is at the same address as the Owner.
Source of the personal data and the purposes for processing
Apart from the browsing information contained within the following Cookie Policy, the contact forms on the Site allow the user to contact the data controller, subscribe to the newsletter or submit a job application.  Depending upon the type of request submitted by the user by means of the contact forms, Fontana Pelletterie will process the personal data of the data subject for the following purposes:
1)   Communications, direct marketing and promotional activities, consisting in the subscription to a newsletter to send promotional material on Fontana Pelletterie productions by email or in response to specific requests for information submitted by the data subject;
2)    Personnel recruitment activities.
The legal basis for processing the data for both the above purposes is set forth in article 6, paragraph 1, letter b) of the GDPR as being activities required to carry out a specific request from the data subject.
The personal data will be processed by specifically appointed personnel using manual and electronic tools in a lawful and appropriate manner, employing specific logic and information technology measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data, and may be performed either in paper form or through computerized means operated by specifically appointed personnel.
Nature of the data collection
The provision of personal data for the purposes described in this notice is optional: however, the refusal to provide such data will make it impossible for Fontana Pelletteria to carry out the requests submitted by the data subject by means of the contact forms on the Site.  
Disclosure of the data
The personal data of the data subject will remain confidential in all cases and will never be published or disseminated or transferred to third parties; however, the data may be disclosed to the following subjects:
a) Employees of the company employed as the data processor, so that the data can be processed and stored in accordance with the company’s security standards;
b) Companies in a relationship of control and/or connection with FONTANA PELLETTERIE SPA;
c) The Site maintenance and management service provider, appointed by Fontana Pelletterie’s Data Controller.
Storage of the data
The personal data to be processed will be kept by Fontana Pelletterie for only the amount of time required to ensure that the above purposes have been fulfilled, and in any event for the period of time allowed by law and the provisions of the Personal Data Processing Authority. Regarding the purpose of personnel recruitment described in point 2) of this notice, the data contained in the curriculum vitaesubmitted to the company will be kept for a maximum period of 12 (twelve) months after collection. After this period, the data will be deleted or transformed into anonymous format so that the data subjects cannot be directly or indirectly identified.
Rights of the data subject
The data subject may at any time exercise the rights set forth in chapter 3 of the GDPR and any other applicable legislation, specifically:
·    The right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of their personal data;
·    The right to obtain information about the source of the personal data, the purposes for and methods by which the data are processed, the logic involved in any automatic data processing, the identity of the data owner and the subjects to whom the data may be disclosed;
·    The right to have the data updated, rectified, deleted, transformed into anonymous format or blocked;
·    The right to obtain the contact information of the Owner and Data Controllers, as well as the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the data may be disclosed or who may become aware of it;
·    The right to obtain information about the retention period of the personal data or, if this is not possible, on the criteria used to determine this period;
·    The right to obtain access to the personal data, as well as updated, rectified, integrated or deleted data, without undue delay, as well as the processing limitations, the transformation into anonymous format or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law, with proof that these operations have been brought to the attention of those subjects to whom the data were disclosed, except in the case where the fulfillment of this right is impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right;
·    The right to object to the processing performed for the purpose of sending advertising or direct marketing material or for commercial communications described in point 2) of this notice;
·    The right to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Processing Authority.
The above rights may be exercised by an informal request submitted to the data Owner by registered letter or fax to 02/550.10.004 or the email address .   
What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file consisting of a string of letters and numbers which are transmitted and downloaded by the Internet browser on the memory of your computer or other devices able to surf the Internet, such as, for example, smartphones and tablets, any time an Internet site is visited. 
By default, all Internet browsers are configured to automatically receive cookies. However, the user can always decide to not receive cookies on their browser by changing the default setting. For more information on how to manage and turn off cookies, please consult the link relating to the browser(s) normally used to surf the Internet, among the following ones: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.
Cookies may be the persistent type, consequently they are stored on the user’s hard disk until their expiry, or session cookies, in which case they disappear when the browser is closed by the user, as their only function is to ensure a secure and efficient surfing of the website.
Cookies can also be generated directly by the website administrator (known as first-party cookies) or by third parties, in other words generated by other websites in order to spread their contents on the website you are currently visiting (known as third-party cookies).
Which cookies are used by this website and for which purposes?
The website uses the following categories of cookies, both persistent and session:
a. First-party technical or analytical cookies
They are necessary for proper website functioning, since they manage data needed for the surfing/consulting of Internet pages, make it easier and faster to access the website and facilitate access authentication to any reserved areas (for example, so that the user does not have to enter their credentials at every access). They also make it possible to conduct aggregate statistical analyses on how users use the website, but only in anonymous form and without the Data Controller being entitled to cross-reference the data thus acquired with other data or information acquired previously by the website administrator. In any event, first-party technical or analytical cookies are not used for the purpose of analysing and evaluating the behaviour of individual website visitors or users.
Your consent is not needed for the installation of first-party analytical or technical cookies.
b. Third-party analytical cookies
These cookies consist of data and information downloaded on the user’s device by third-party subjects who provide services or elements used in the website for purposes other than purposes of a merely technical nature.
In particular, third-party analytical cookies are used by third-party subjects (Vimeo LLC) for the purpose of providing Fontana Pelletterie S.p.A. with analyses, processing or evaluations on the website functions, on the number of accesses and/or on the surfing habits and preferences of the visitors in anonymous form (eliminating the last digits or letter of the visitor’s ID) and on an aggregate basis.
Besides, it is possible for the aforementioned cookies to be used by Vimeo, LLC including in a non-anonymous and aggregate form (for example, by “cross-referencing” the collected data with other data already collected previously) for the purpose of analysing and evaluating the website functioning and the visitors’ surfing habits and preferences. In any event, these analyses and evaluations are not intended for Fontana Pelletterie S.p.A., which is never privy as to the results of these processing activities.
Your consent is necessary for the installation of third-party analytical cookies relating to the performance of analyses and evaluations of data in non-anonymous and aggregate form. Said consent is given by clicking on the “I approve” key located in the special banner on the homepage of the website.
c. Third-party profiling cookies
They can be used by third parties (Vimeo, LLC) for the purpose of sending commercial messages in line with the preferences shown by the visitors while surfing the website In any case, promotional messages that may be sent by means of said profiling cookies will not be about products attributable to Fontana Milano 1915, Fontana Pelletterie S.p.A. or to the Fontana Group.  
Your consent is necessary for the installation of third-party profiling cookies. Said consent is given by clicking on the “I approve” key located in the special banner on the homepage of the website.
Information about third-party cookies downloaded through Vimeo services
The transmission of third-party profiling or analytical cookies in connection with surfing the website refers exclusively to the display of embedded clips posted on the website through the video platform of Vimeo, LLC.  
Cookies generated by Vimeo record data and information on the display of videos by users, including the preferences and the display settings, in certain cases in non-anonymous form too.
A description and indication of the third-party profiling and analytical cookies that can be used by Vimeo, LLC. on the website of Fontana Milano 1915 can be found in the documents entitled Vimeo Privacy Policy and Vimeo Cookie Policy.