A Brand New World

Sometimes, knowing how to seize the opportunity to live a more vibrant life simply means crossing an invisible threshold, overcoming that real or imaginary barrier that prevents us from seeing what good changes – even momentous ones – have to offer.
In a brand new world, She and He have returned to their daily routine of work and the city but the perception of Time, Places and the overall sense of self and life has changed, or rather it has changed in them.
And yet something makes them restless and distant, they need a new inner balance that they will find only through a renewed relationship with and within Nature.
It is no longer something other than oneself but an integral part of oneself.
Only then will they understand, or rather “feel”, what is really important and what is not. Which things are truly of value and which are not.
This, in brief, is a synopsis of A Brand New World, a short movie, or rather an actual movie condensed into three minutes and set in the near, near future, a presentation of which Fontana Milano 1915 is pleased to offer you, as an edition that is just as special and new in form and content in terms of both the models and their accessories as in the concept behind it: Bags and accessories for Men and Women, most of which can be worn just as well by both.
New, unique and precious items in novel shades and color combinations that can be shared for the first time by both Her and Him, just as if they always have been. An exclusive Fontana Milano 1915 edition designed specifically for work, travel and a completely rethought daily routine. Created for a today that is already tomorrow.
A Brand New Edition for A Brand New World.